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Life Update

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My birthday was on Monday and I have just turned 23.

I have just turned 23 and everything is changing.

Everything is changing and I feel strangely at ease.

I feel strangely at ease despite the fact that I’ll be moving for the first time in five years.

Despite the fact that I’ll be moving I’m excited about the future.

I’m excited about the future and I’ve reconciled my past.

I’ve reconciled my past and I’m ready to begin the rest of my life.

I’m ready to begin the rest of my life and the possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless…

The possibilities are endless…

The possibilities are endless…


…and good things are coming.


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Working on my novel always makes me feel as though I am accomplishing something great. I just wish I had more time to work on it.


I should probably elaborate more. Last year at a meeting at work (I work in retail) they handed out these tiny little notebooks, which in reality most people never used. I decided to put it to practical use. Rather than just mindlessly tool around on my phone on my breaks, I started writing a little bit. It began as something with no direction, just thoughts on a page. It turned into a fictional, coming of age tale that I’m tweaking into something that might be publishable. My goal was to first fill up that tiny notebook. When I finished that but the story wasn’t done, I found another tiny notebook to continue. The final product was the foundation for my novel/novella tentatively titled Homesick.

I’ve never undertaken a writing endeavor such as this before, so it’s still all relatively new territory for me, especially the revising process. I’m usually someone who makes his first draft his final draft. With this, I want to make sure it has the best possible chance of getting out into the world. I’ve heard from many people that the publishing process is long, arduous, and painful, but I truly think that my story is one that should be read by the masses. I may or may not post excerpts on here to see what kind of a response I get.


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A chink in the armor
Is thought to be a weakness,
A vulnerability,
But if you know where your Enemy
Is most likely to strike,
Does that not make it your greatest strength?


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Storm clouds make idle threats
Like a cowardly loan shark
Shadows crawl over your sun-kissed face
Infecting pleasant demeanor
Plaguing infectious behavior

What was once life is now death
Standing in a hall of mirrors revealing no reflection
Confused, unable to see yourself, your path
Staring at your feet you notice cracks in the ground
Resembling cracks in the glass
Resembling cracks in your skin

You wear your scars like badges of courage
Medal of Honor for endurance
Purple Heart for kindness
Comrade of a fellow solider deserving of a dishonorable discharge

You are made of radiant light
Such is your core
Your essence
Your being
I am but an oracle
A seer of truths
A patient observer

You have left a wake of warmth
Photonic brilliance for those left in the cold to latch onto
Allow the favor to be returned
Permit but one humble soul to enter
And refuel romantic gas lamps running on fumes

Great Expectations

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The other morning I was bulk buying a bunch of tickets to a concert for my friends and I. Through some miscommunication (or lack thereof), I had bought less than we had needed, but only because I hadn’t received information on who actually was going.

Now the one friend of mine who needed another one proceeded to pester and harass me to call the ticketing distributor (the venue was Mohegan Sun, the vendor was Ticketmaster) and get another seat that was with our original grouping. I tried to explain to him that Ticketmaster doesn’t work that way, but he kept right on going. This isn’t the important part.

What matters in all of these grievances is that my friend, who I have known for many years now, did not seem grateful that I would even go through the trouble in the first place to put my hard earned money down for a weekend of fun with some friends. I made sure to let him know this. He let me know that he was grateful, but (AND HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART) that I shouldn’t expect anything from anyone.

“But you’re one of my best friends,” I countered. “Shouldn’t I at least expect that from you?”

“Mike, you just shouldn’t expect it from anyone.”

Am I setting too high of a standard for my friends that I should expect them to be thankful for what I do for them every now and again? I don’t think so. Granted, people are sometimes just naturally selfish and self-serving, but I would consider it very little work to at least show a little gratitude every once in a while.

What does everyone else think? Am I in the right here, or am I just crazy?


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Love is all about synonyms;
We always try to find different ways to say the same thing.


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To terraform is

To change your environment;

Hearts against their will