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I want to sleep,
But I need to live.

I want to dream,
But I have to live.

For one cannot dream
Unless one lives,

And one has not lived
Until one has truly dreamed.



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Ink trapped in my veins
Cut open the clogged main line
To let my spirit breathe


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There is no poem for the mediocre
For the contented masses
For those skating by
We have verses dedicated to depression
And inspired by joy
Yet nothing marking the plight of the average
I think it might be because
Medians tend to be boring and uninspired
And those things hardly bring a picture to mind
If I were to tell you about
A girl with an okay face
Or clouds that screamed neutrality
What would enter your brain besides
Muddled nothingness
These are the rumblings within me right now
I am okay and things are fine
But my content suffers when I am content


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Too often I find myself complaining
That Time is the enemy,
That this is the sole reason
Why I am unable to achieve,
To attain,
To be whole.

Time has always seemed to me
An unyielding and uncompromising warden
In the prison of matter,
Rigid in all of its laws,
Schedules to adhere to
Or to lose forever
In the ticking sands.

It was only recently that I discovered
Time was not the problem,
But rather the solution.
It was never in control to begin with,
Masquerading as the mastermind
While remaining second in command
To the mind and relativity and perspective.

For time viewed from the inside out
Is limited by what we can see and hear and touch,
But Time viewed from the outside in
Opens the cage, reveals new worlds and possibilities.
Unshackled from temporal oppression,
Wrinkles uncrease and knowledge unfolds into
Eager palms.

It is true that Time is paired with Death,
Paring down a sharpened life
Until it is dull, toothless, and unusable.
However, Time also allows for growth.
Virtue abides in the seasoned halls:
Humility, Patience, Forgiveness, and Wisdom
Await at journey’s end.

And so I try not to weep for the lack of Time,
For though I am poor in it now,
I will look back fondly
And long for the days
When my pockets and my head
Were not so full.