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So many people seem to be against
Following their emotions, their feelings.
Have we ever stopped to wonder
Just why that is?

They would have you believe that emotions are wild,
Irrational, savage, primitive,
As though a person full of emotion is one that is
Empty of thought.
I have never found that to be less true.

Inherently, emotions are good. To feel is to live.
Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, fear;
All are indicative of experience.
All point towards a life fully lived,
And wisdom gained as a result.

You see, I’m the type of person who will lead from the heart
And yet try to justify my heart actions with brain actions.
Why do I try to hide my true intent?
Must I have to seem so logical all the time?
And while reason is not necessarily evil either,
It detracts from my main motivator.

I have never been moved to act more
By something that made sense,
So what power does logic really hold?
I am more likely to jump into the void
On a whim,
On the off chance that some overwhelming good
Might chance to come my way.

Because while we all love to feel control
In some form or another,
There is an unbelievable high that takes place
When your choices land you in the ether of uncertainty.

And really that’s what makes emotion seem bad:
Emotions were never meant to lead, only to consult.
They are a whispering counselor with good intentions,
Meant only to shade your perspective from all angles.
Give them enough power, though,
And they become an impulsive tyrant.

Having complete faith in your emotions is foolish.
Do not count solely on something that is so wont to change.
However, having no faith is equally foolish.
There is a truth hidden in your body’s chemistry
Such that the brain will never understand.

So while I am a believer of logos,
I am also an advocate for the pathos.
You will never believe what you don’t feel,
And how can you feel if you don’t believe?