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I feel my fists clench
As they are thrust into my pockets
A shelter from the blustery winds
And unforgiving tides of
This Winter Solstice

Survival is made all the more lonely
Through bitter cold,
Frigid gusts creating snow drifts
To trudge through begrudgingly,
Making a heavy heart heavier
With each accumulating inch
That I might walk.
Boots soaked through
Frost threatening outlying appendages with
Sharp teeth.

It seems like ages ago that I had set out
In search of firewood
To stoke into flame
Blazing forth in glory and pride
Some pieces too small
Some too thick
Too large, too wet, too unyielding
Kindling that appeared strong
But proved hollow on the inside
And cracked upon further inspection

I had all but given up
That I might find something to warm my home
When Nature threatened to cave in
All that I knew with oblivious gestures
Until suddenly, there it was!
Along the same path I had always walked
A clearing I had never noticed previously
Stacks upon stacks of life-giving lumber
My preoccupied mind had missed something precious
But what did it matter!

I tread upon ground that I had walked on before
Arms full of the tinder needed to
Heat empty rooms
Fill frozen hearts

“Winter will pass!” I exclaimed
In new found strength.
For while there may be times when Life seems
Still, cold, and dormant,
With patience, blizzards fade
And in its wake, Growth.