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An Ode to Shells

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , on July 29, 2015 by bigtuna185

snail shell
This is for the creatures
On this harsh, bitter, vengeful earth
That are forced to carry
Their homes on their backs

How strenuous it is to know that
Your livelihood is dependent
Upon your own independence

Your lives are the likes that inhabit fables
And so we learn lessons
From your suffering
Cursed to a dreadful, untimely gait
Proof of gravity pressing down from above
And pulling from the depths below

We label you as “hermit”
As though you shun the world around you
When it is that very world
That has pushed you away
For without hermitage
You would not have survived

But there is strength in a recluse

Your retreat is reflection
Your pace is patience
For what a burden it is,
And yet such a strength from within

Eventually you emerge from your shell
Victorious, as Atlas tossing his chains aside

Sometimes the load becomes heavier
Sometimes it lasts a lifetime
But, as experience has taught,
When chaos is the norm
And you are in the eye of the hurricane
Gale-force winds will seem as a gentle breeze

You have endured, and so you will.