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The Origin of Stars

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on October 26, 2015 by bigtuna185

Vast black expanse

Expanding evermore outward

The entirety of space growing

While electric, elongated eyes gaze

Lights appearing as pinpoints

Peering through the veil on the other side

O’ bride of darkness, spouse of night

Show me your hidden face

Where are those luminescent spheres

Those orbs of hope and mystery

That might bring understanding

To a murky mind

To this miry man

How did the stars come to be?

As the question was asked

Fire streaked across the sky

As if it were a response

Fluttered, faded, and crashed

Next to my feet

There lay a being of photonic brilliance

Infant as it were, solar in quality

Cosmic rays emitting

In radioactive glory

Our eyes met and I saw galaxies created

Supernovas colliding, collapsing, imploding

Eroding the very synapses of my mind

Until I found the answer that I sought

I saw life in every ball of light

Wistfully, wonderfully made

Carefully created with purpose and intent

And so they hibernate amid hot gases

Awaiting the time when deep cries out to deep

And the great Voice calls the Chosen out from their sleep