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A Psalm on the Will to Adapt

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Praise be to God, for His promises are true
My waking moments are evidence of His faithfulness
Every breath that I breathe is miraculous and wonderful
My steps prove His power as I follow the path that He has set for me

I am blessed beyond measure, for everything I have I owe to You
Lord you have ordained my shelter to protect me from harm
You have led me through deserts and barren lands to find life-giving water
You fed me your spirit and showed me your ways when I had nothing

My life is but a whisper of a word in the grand chorus of your host
I am small, insignificant, yet made important because you reside in me
Lord, you give me purpose in all things so that my strides are not aimless
You make ways where none exist, you create past Creation

Where I have come from, my past, is a testament to your glory
Brokenness was all I knew until you showed me I could be whole
And while my obedience has ebbed and flowed like the tide under a full moon
Still my faith lives on as a fire unending and all-consuming

O’ Heavenly Father, I began orphaned and misguided in my youth
You alone have raised me up as Your child, humble and strong
It is only by Your Might that I am able to stand here before You
And at Your Will that I might fall to my knees and worship


A Psalm on Weariness

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My body is weak, O’ Lord
My atrophied muscles tremble with every step
Incessant and unending tasks leech life from my soul
I feel my spirit wane through the cracks of my flesh

There are days where it feels easiest to quit
To lay down and give up
To close my eyes and slumber onward
Oblivious to all wills except my own

The enemy is clawing daily
His evil clutches scarring my already battle-worn mind
Sinking deeper, sapping energy from the marrow in my bones
Feeding off of my fatigue as a fly on molasses

It is only my reliance on You that keeps me going, O’ Lord
Only Your grace that restores a troubled heart
Your love that quenches all thirst
A rallying cry among worn out warriors

You alone, my God, are sovereign above all else
My body is weak, O’ Lord, and yet my spirit is strong
You prop me up on stilts to avoid tumultuous waves
You fill the dried up river beds of my soul