The Siren’s Lullaby

*This is my first attempt at the traditional sonnet format. While difficult at first, it became enjoyable to try and match my syllable count and rhyme scheme while also trying to have the whole poem make sense too. Hope you enjoy it.*


If only there were other ways to stay
In close proximity for sleeping eyes.
A cushion left behind, indeed it cries,
“Come home to me, for I will soon repay
Your company with shelter from the day.”
The bitter sun with golden hands it pries
My slumber and rest, unwillingly dies.
This forceful torture makes this poet crazy.

However, there is more than just this plight.
This life alone is built for greater things.
I can’t bemoan my weak and wearied state
While people daily defy their twists of fate.
For privilege remains common and trite
To those whose only problems are alarm rings.


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