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Great Minds

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , on February 29, 2016 by bigtuna185


What is a mind?
What is that indescribable thing that causes man to
Think, feel, and ponder?
Where does it exist upon my person?

Is it control?
The way that I am able to carry myself,
Manipulating voice, diction,
Twisting words and wills whither and thither
So that they wither a rather
Weaker version of itself,
Coaxing and prodding and pushing.
Am I in control?

Or is it conscience?
Morals, standards, and values
Placed upon us by nature or nurture,
By God or evolution,
Products of the faithful or the stubborn,
Right and wrong, good and evil
Relative to spaces that they occupy,
If it can take up space,
Freud whispering incorrect answers
To the questions in my cloudy thoughts.
What is it that reigns supreme?

Maybe a mind is inconceivable,
For how can you conceive
The very thing you are conceiving with?
What is this miscarriage of thoughts that flutters,
With all of the grace of a flightless bird,
Unsuccessfully through this unexplainable void in my head?
It may prove impossible to say.

Chemical impulses rule my behavior
With all the elegance of a drunken mad scientist,
Mixing rage and comfort together,
Disquieting the peace and equilibrium,

But none of this explains what is mine
And what you can mine from a mind
And how you can mind
And have half a mind
And be strong-minded
Without actually knowing what a mind is,
Adding modifiers and descriptions to something undefined
And if we underlined this truth we would find that
Describing nothing still leaves us with nothing
And yet we still have something and are something.

What if the mind is an indication of our existence?
A blinking red light in a corner that lets us know
That the machine is still running,
That the race is unfinished,
That we are works in progress,
That we can profess and confess
With everything in our being, even the unexplainable parts,
That we are alive.

The mind shows itself with every utterance,
With each new innovation,
Every problem solved,
And in every scribble on a page.

And that seems to be good.