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Sunrise, Sunset

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*Author’s note: This was collectively written by myself and my high school poetry class. An experimentation of sorts with word association and the poetic form.*

The sun rises and sets
The mood rises and sets
The mood rises and sways
The mood collapses and sways
The mood collapses and crawls
Every mood collapses and crawls
Every hope collapses and crawls
Every hope collapses and dies
Every hope rises and dies.



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Most men wait for death to become spiritual.
What a wasted life.


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I want to sleep,
But I need to live.

I want to dream,
But I have to live.

For one cannot dream
Unless one lives,

And one has not lived
Until one has truly dreamed.

I’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

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Hey there loyal followers, and I mean that in the most humble way possible. I’m still relatively new to this online community, so I’m not sure if I’ll get responses. I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I think it would be appropriate to update the people who care about what’s been happening.

Before I do that, I just want to extend some gratitude towards the people who regularly peruse and look through the things that I write. I don’t do it to please other people, but it’s nice to know that “strangers” will look at something I’ve created and find something to relate to in it. It’s very encouraging and I love the feedback I’ve gotten so far I hope to get some more the more that I write. So in short, thank you.

As for what’s been going on with me personally, I’ve been exhausting myself with work. For a little bit of background, I graduated with my BA in English this past May and got certified to teach high school English in New York. The job situation isn’t what I’d call ideal, but I managed to land a TA position at an elementary school for the time being. It isn’t what I ultimately want, but it pays well, the hours and work aren’t difficult, and I have a job in my field. I can’t complain about that.

In addition to that, I’ve kept my retail job that I’ve been working at for the past 3 years to make some extra cash on the side. As you can imagine, Black Friday was no picnic. In fact, it was probably the worst that I’ve seen so far. Between my two jobs (one working with young children and the other working with people who act like children), I’ve been exhausted and trying to use any free time I get to relax.

So the question becomes, why do I need to post this then? Why should you care, and more importantly, why should I bother to say it? I suppose there’s a small part of me that likes to think that people may have looked forward to my poems, haikus, short stories, and the like. In reality, this is a way to hold me accountable. I want to write more, and if I make my claim public, then that means I must follow up with it. Right now I should be able to manage at least once a week. It isn’t that I’ve been without inspiration; it’s more that I’ve lacked the will to take the time to sit down and write it.

I also want to put out there that if someone ever has a request for a story they’d like written or something of that nature, I’m game to take on the challenge. I wrote one for my friend for his birthday because he expressed to me that a gift like that would be one of a kind, and much more meaningful than anything manufactured. The story Capsule is the result of that endeavor, and he loved it. I figured I would open it up here for anyone that felt moved to give me a challenge.

That’s more or less what’s been going on in a nutshell, besides anything that has happened romantically, but that’s a story for another time in another post. I don’t expect responses, but I’m looking forward to the possibility of something new to put out there. If you’ve made it this far, know that I appreciate your attention span and initiative to read more than just a paragraph. I’m long winded. It’s a gift and a curse. Thanks for caring.



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Moments before change,
Grains of sand trapped in stasis;
Destiny Awaits.


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Storm clouds make idle threats
Like a cowardly loan shark
Shadows crawl over your sun-kissed face
Infecting pleasant demeanor
Plaguing infectious behavior

What was once life is now death
Standing in a hall of mirrors revealing no reflection
Confused, unable to see yourself, your path
Staring at your feet you notice cracks in the ground
Resembling cracks in the glass
Resembling cracks in your skin

You wear your scars like badges of courage
Medal of Honor for endurance
Purple Heart for kindness
Comrade of a fellow solider deserving of a dishonorable discharge

You are made of radiant light
Such is your core
Your essence
Your being
I am but an oracle
A seer of truths
A patient observer

You have left a wake of warmth
Photonic brilliance for those left in the cold to latch onto
Allow the favor to be returned
Permit but one humble soul to enter
And refuel romantic gas lamps running on fumes