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Someone once said to me
“Marriage is a heavy burden”
That to wear a ring is a weight,
Not something to be taken lightly
And that may be true
The trials of matrimony
Were never meant to be simple
When you fuse two souls together
Pain is part of the process
Pieces of yourself die off
No longer able to be sustained
When your systems need to be redirected
In order to compensate for two being one

We are Siamese now

To support only one is to destroy both
And so it helps to imagine that we were always this way
To condition yourself into thinking this is normal
Until the muscles and thoughts become second nature
And the lactic acid build up from carrying this extra weight
Subsides and dissipates into new strength

The band around my finger no longer feels foreign
The smooth metal which used to constrict
Now feels as though it is vital
That I might not truly live without it

It is Life
And so is she



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Scars and wounds afflict this tortured heart
From battles won and lost valiantly;
This causes cynicism to impart
Its hollow creed to rot inside of me.

Deserted and abandoned all alone
Was how I lived despite my aching soul,
Bruised and beaten, hope itself unknown,
My weathered mind had surely paid the toll.

Stormy days raged skyward from up above,
Little chance for light to pierce the great expanse,
But winds do often change persisting love
To move from naught; endearing thoughts advance.

If but a single draft would catch the sail,
Bring wayward, lonely Love back without fail.


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Do not thank me for loving you

For you do not thank me

For breathing

Or my heart beating 

It’s only natural


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I wish that you and I

Would remain as August lovers

For much like the summer

Cools and turns into 

A season of change

There is always an underlying heat

And the hope that it never ends.

Unconditional Surrender

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If you define love in terms of
Winners and losers
Then you have already lost
For it is not a battle waged in violence,
And if it is,
May the aggressor be charged with war crimes.

It is to the advantage of the couple
To be diplomatic, a master negotiator
To not enter into accord
With reckless abandon and impatience

You may be tempted to
Redraw the boundaries
With no thought of consultation,
And do not think to appease
A stubborn dictator.
Such rulers are better off deposed

Love is compromise
A treaty of peace involving two parties
And while at times it may not make sense
To continue with the campaign
To forage onward into unknown territory
Embrace your pioneer spirit

Above all, know this:

Love is the obsessive endeavor
To entreat the other to selflessness
Through the very action itself


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I feel my fists clench
As they are thrust into my pockets
A shelter from the blustery winds
And unforgiving tides of
This Winter Solstice

Survival is made all the more lonely
Through bitter cold,
Frigid gusts creating snow drifts
To trudge through begrudgingly,
Making a heavy heart heavier
With each accumulating inch
That I might walk.
Boots soaked through
Frost threatening outlying appendages with
Sharp teeth.

It seems like ages ago that I had set out
In search of firewood
To stoke into flame
Blazing forth in glory and pride
Some pieces too small
Some too thick
Too large, too wet, too unyielding
Kindling that appeared strong
But proved hollow on the inside
And cracked upon further inspection

I had all but given up
That I might find something to warm my home
When Nature threatened to cave in
All that I knew with oblivious gestures
Until suddenly, there it was!
Along the same path I had always walked
A clearing I had never noticed previously
Stacks upon stacks of life-giving lumber
My preoccupied mind had missed something precious
But what did it matter!

I tread upon ground that I had walked on before
Arms full of the tinder needed to
Heat empty rooms
Fill frozen hearts

“Winter will pass!” I exclaimed
In new found strength.
For while there may be times when Life seems
Still, cold, and dormant,
With patience, blizzards fade
And in its wake, Growth.


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Gatsby’s curse was throwing a party
To attract the woman he loved;
Mine is trying to find the party
To discover if such a woman exists.