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I am substitute
I am somehow lesser
I have more ambition and greater passion
And somehow I am lesser
I replace, I fill in, I take up space
I am matter but I don’t seem to matter
I am required to be more flexible
To take more abuse
Receive less respect
Settle for less fulfillment
And yet what separates me
Other than the thought that I am more while being treated like less
Is a plastic ID badge
A better paycheck
Facial recognition amongst people who don’t care to know me
I grind and scrape myself away
Sharing thoughts and emotions
With an audience that will forget me a moment later
Washing their memories like the tide claiming footprints in the sand
There is one fact that I won’t let myself forget though:

I am substitute
But they will not drag me below who I was meant to be



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Just finished reading a book called Readicide, which dealt with why teaching students to a test and how overteaching/underteaching is killing the love of reading. Much more interesting than it sounds actually, and had useful strategies I’d like to use when I get my own English class.


Currently reading Star Wars: A New Hope written in Shakespearean English, possibly one of the nerdiest things that I own, and yet reading it made me supremely happy.

Get in line, ladies.