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Scars and wounds afflict this tortured heart
From battles won and lost valiantly;
This causes cynicism to impart
Its hollow creed to rot inside of me.

Deserted and abandoned all alone
Was how I lived despite my aching soul,
Bruised and beaten, hope itself unknown,
My weathered mind had surely paid the toll.

Stormy days raged skyward from up above,
Little chance for light to pierce the great expanse,
But winds do often change persisting love
To move from naught; endearing thoughts advance.

If but a single draft would catch the sail,
Bring wayward, lonely Love back without fail.



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Just finished reading a book called Readicide, which dealt with why teaching students to a test and how overteaching/underteaching is killing the love of reading. Much more interesting than it sounds actually, and had useful strategies I’d like to use when I get my own English class.


Currently reading Star Wars: A New Hope written in Shakespearean English, possibly one of the nerdiest things that I own, and yet reading it made me supremely happy.

Get in line, ladies.