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Who Does Superman Wait For?

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , on October 31, 2013 by bigtuna185

Who does Superman wait for
In the still of the night
Waiting by some deserted subway station,
Probably needing a cigarette for his nerves
Or anxiously checking his phone?

What is it that causes a being
That moves faster than a speeding bullet
To pause his life,
Put on hold the shrieks for help that
Constantly claw at his mind,
To ignore the values of truth, justice, and the American way
Just for one night?

Why is it that a man of omnipotence,
Capable of doing anything, of being anything,
Would choose to be at rest
For even five minutes at a time?

How is it that someone that has
Been to other worlds,
Saved other worlds,
Is from another world,
How is it that he would stop his world
In order to patiently wait upon
Unsleeping streets for a chance rendezvous?

I would like to know that kind of power,
To make the Man of Steel
Melt down to his base components,
An element more powerful than kryptonite.
His body is alien, but his feelings are not,
More human on the inside than most that are homegrown.

Being all-powerful must get lonely sometimes too,
And so there he finds himself at 4am
Rooted to a street corner in forced vulnerability,
Facing the thrill of an uncertain future.

For one brief moment, I can see more than him,
But still, the mystery remains, and I have to wonder,
Who does Superman wait for?