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Too often I find myself complaining
That Time is the enemy,
That this is the sole reason
Why I am unable to achieve,
To attain,
To be whole.

Time has always seemed to me
An unyielding and uncompromising warden
In the prison of matter,
Rigid in all of its laws,
Schedules to adhere to
Or to lose forever
In the ticking sands.

It was only recently that I discovered
Time was not the problem,
But rather the solution.
It was never in control to begin with,
Masquerading as the mastermind
While remaining second in command
To the mind and relativity and perspective.

For time viewed from the inside out
Is limited by what we can see and hear and touch,
But Time viewed from the outside in
Opens the cage, reveals new worlds and possibilities.
Unshackled from temporal oppression,
Wrinkles uncrease and knowledge unfolds into
Eager palms.

It is true that Time is paired with Death,
Paring down a sharpened life
Until it is dull, toothless, and unusable.
However, Time also allows for growth.
Virtue abides in the seasoned halls:
Humility, Patience, Forgiveness, and Wisdom
Await at journey’s end.

And so I try not to weep for the lack of Time,
For though I am poor in it now,
I will look back fondly
And long for the days
When my pockets and my head
Were not so full.



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My anguish lies internally
But the scars seep through my skin
I wonder when the torture ends
Will I ever breathe again?

For sights and sounds, your face and voice,
Are magnified through this lens
That heart and soul and blood escape
With each word this author pens

Undefined and confused, a terrible ruse
Why play tricks without intent to jest?
These unpredictable inconsistencies do wear thin
The instrument that beats beneath my breast

Say the word and make it so,
Or end the suffering and decline
I cannot bear this hollow pain,
Possessing you, yet you are not mine

The fault is not yours, it is mine alone
A glutton for punishment am I
The risks and conditions were clearly expressed,
I hoped my advances would not be denied

Time, you are the enemy, my heart’s rival
But my strength and resolve are no worse
It is my burden to bear, and I, grateful to carry
You are my greatest gift, and also my curse.


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Moments before change,
Grains of sand trapped in stasis;
Destiny Awaits.

Life Update

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My birthday was on Monday and I have just turned 23.

I have just turned 23 and everything is changing.

Everything is changing and I feel strangely at ease.

I feel strangely at ease despite the fact that I’ll be moving for the first time in five years.

Despite the fact that I’ll be moving I’m excited about the future.

I’m excited about the future and I’ve reconciled my past.

I’ve reconciled my past and I’m ready to begin the rest of my life.

I’m ready to begin the rest of my life and the possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless…

The possibilities are endless…

The possibilities are endless…


…and good things are coming.