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Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , on October 3, 2013 by bigtuna185

Unbridled, untamed, and free
Sprinting unashamed in the wind
Twisted wild mane flowing
Soft grassy hills imprinted with footsteps
A trail to be tracked by bold explorers
A dangerous prize awaits at journey’s end

You reign over your territory
Like a paranoid queen upon her throne
Eyes darting crazily
Expecting sabotage
Awaiting assassination
Sentencing hearts to their doom because of troubled pasts

Where is your saintly knight to ease a sorrowed mind?
Where is the whisperer to break the shell of mistrust?
To gently brush your hair?
To adorn you with the fittings suitable for so majestic a creature?
Bestowing hushed tones and hope to break a haughty spirit

May he always nobly serve you
In humility, in gratitude, in encouragement, and in love
The whisperer will never forsake you, troubled maiden
For he will forever be the voice in your ear
The song in your heart
And the light in your soul.